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Holiday roast Recipe

Holiday roast

Recipe Ingredients for Holiday roast

1 kg Venison
200 grams Bacon
40 g Bacon
100 grams Butter
150 grams Tomatoes
20 g Flour
8 St Peppercorns
0 13 l
White wine L 1
Water 120 grams
Butter 150 grams
Mushrooms 40 g
Shallots something
Parsley 4 Bl
Tarragon something
Salt 1 pc

Holiday roast Recipe Directions

The well-aged skin, salt, lard it with Speckkeilchen and insert through the hole in the backbone of a long steel needle, so that the back is not curved during frying.

Auslasssen the rest into small diced bacon, add butter to foam and the chopped onion. Then add the chopped tomatoes, peppercorns and the venison and the meat temporary pouring hot water with its own juice and about 1 1 / 2 hour bake. The soft meat from the pan, sprinkle with the Bratfond flour, a little foam, beigießen white wine and water and boil the sauce until reduced by half.

The chop 40 g fat, omit the butter, add the chopped shallots, mushrooms and tarragon leaves and fry everything together. The mixture is then sieved to give the sauce and reheat in the cut portions of venison in the sauce.


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