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Girardi roast with dumplings Recipe

Girardi roast with dumplings

Recipe Ingredients for Girardi roast with dumplings

4 pcs Roast
80 grams Rapeseed oil
50 g Bacon
80 grams Mushrooms
100 grams Onions
1 tsp Capers
100 ml White wine
1 Prov Lemon juice
300 ml Gravy (brown)
25 g Flour
300 ml Cream
2 pinches Salt
2 pinches Pepper
1 tbsp Mustard
60 g Butter
200 ml Milk
2 pcs Eggs
2 tbsp Parsley
6 St Sandwiches (from previous day)

Girardi roast with dumplings Recipe Directions

Pat the meat flat, salt and pepper and fry quickly in oil and keep warm. Add the chopped bacon Bratr├╝ckstand, saut├ę, fry finely chopped onions. Then add the chopped mushrooms, deglaze with wine, pour in the rear. Roast beef stew is soft with chopped capers and lemon juice. Mix the flour with the cream, stir into the gravy and season with mustard. Finish with a tablespoon of chopped parsley.

Debark for the dumplings, the buns, cut leafy. Mix eggs with milk and pour melted butter over the rolls. Add remaining chopped parsley, season, mix and let stand about ten minutes. Mass forms a film on a greased or napkin roll into a roll, which bind both sides and cook in boiling water for about 35 minutes.


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