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Gaulfrying Recipe


Recipe Ingredients for Gaulfrying

1 kg Wild boar meat
3 / 4 l Red wine
8 St Allspice
1 no Garlic
8 St Juniper berries
200 grams Spicy vegetables
1 pc Onion
200 grams Bacon
150 grams Lard
2 tbsp Strawberry jam
1 pc Lemon
1 pc Orange
150 grams Plums
1 tbsp Flour
some Vinegar
some Sugar

Gaulfrying Recipe Directions

The defatted meat with salt and place the chopped seasoning vegetables, onions, garlic and spices in a clay pot. The meat then pour over the red wine, 2-3 days in cool, daily contact in the marinade. After this time, cook the bacon cut into small cubes from the marinade with the vegetables and spices sifted Spice in hot fat, add the marinated meat, cover and cook until soft. Beigießen from time to time a little marinade.

The soft, arrange sliced ​​meat in batches on a preheated plate. Degrease the cooking sauce and cook the sliced ​​lemon and orange, and plum in the sauce. The sauce thickened with flour, then season to taste with vinegar and sugar, seven, and pour over the meat being served.


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