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Fruity stuffed meatloaf Recipe

Fruity stuffed meatloaf

Recipe Ingredients for Fruity stuffed meatloaf

1 box Apricots
1 pc soaked bread
2 pcs Onions
100 grams Bacon
500 grams Ground beef
some Butter
1 pc Egg
some TK herbs
250 ml Vegetable broth
some Salt and pepper
some Crème fraiche

Fruity stuffed meatloaf Recipe Directions

Sauté bacon. Drain the apricots and the juice. Half of the apricots into strips. Dice the onion, the minced meat, soaked and squeezed bread, bacon, egg, herbs and apricot stripes knead and season with salt and pepper.

And form a loaf with the remaining apricots in a roasting pan about 50 minutes at 200 degrees in the oven. In between, basting frequently with apricot juice. Roast from the oven. Pour the juice to the broth and season with crème fraiche. Season with salt and pepper.


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