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Fruity roast veal Recipe

Fruity roast veal

Recipe Ingredients for Fruity roast veal

1 kg Roast meat
some Oil
some Salt
2 pcs Oranges
some Water, white wine
some Pepper
1 / 4 liter sweet cream
2 cl Cointreua

Fruity roast veal Recipe Directions

This once again thoroughly nachgesäuberte meat rub with salt. Heat the oil in the casserole and fry the meat is brown all around.

In the meantime, squeeze the oranges and sprinkle the roast with it. The meat, covered on low heat for about 75-90 minutes, basting as needed and fill it with water or dry white wine.

A bit thin peeled orange peel cut into fine strips. The meat is cooked remove from the pot and pepper and keep warm wrapped in aluminum foil.

Schmorfond to fill with the cream, and boil vigorously let thicken slightly. Season with pepper and the orange liqueur. The strips pour in the orange peel.

Slice the roast into slices, on a well warmed serving dish and covered with the sauce, bring to the table.


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