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Fried rice with fruit cubes for toddlers Recipe

Fried rice with fruit cubes for toddlers

Recipe Ingredients for Fried rice with fruit cubes for toddlers

250 ml Milk
100 grams Rice pudding
1 pinch Salt
1 tbsp Sugar
30 grams Butter
1 pc Egg
30 grams Clover honey
20 g Sliced ​​almonds
200 grams Small strawberries
2 pcs Oranges

Fried rice with fruit cubes for toddlers Recipe Directions

For babies and toddlers

Boil milk with rice, salt and sugar over moderate heat and swell and good pot lid is closed in about 20 minutes, then cool slightly. Preheat oven to 180 degrees (gas mark 2) Preheat. A small ovenproof dish (about 18 x 20 cm) greased, beat butter with creamy honey, beat the egg yolks with the milk rice and fold.

Protein suggest firmly and pull the rice pudding. The mass of paint in the form (it should be about 2 inches high), sprinkle with the flaked almonds and bake 20 minutes until golden brown. Meanwhile, wash the strawberries, pat dry and clean. Orange peel down to the flesh, the fruit split into around 6 equal portions, cut in half again across these segments. The cooled rice pudding from the mold lift, cut into squares of about 3 cm length.

Stuck with a small skewer either a strawberry or orange slices on the rice cubes.


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