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Fried flounder Warnemnde Recipe

Fried flounder Warnemnde

Recipe Ingredients for Fried flounder Warnemnde

4 pcs Flounder (or lemon sole or plaice)
some Salt
some Water with vinegar
some Flour
100 grams Bacon
Fourth fret Chopped parsley

Fried flounder Warnemnde Recipe Directions

Remove head and fins of the fish and rinse out the abdominal cavity. The flounder lay briefly in vinegar water and remove remaining scales and mucus layer. Pat dry, acidify with lemon juice and salt. Then dredge in flour.

Omit bacon in a skillet, drain and fry in hot bacon fat, the crispy flounder. Remove, sprinkle with the bacon and sprinkle with parsley and serve. Serve with boiled potatoes.


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