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Fried blood sausage on creamed sauerkraut Recipe

Fried blood sausage on creamed sauerkraut

Recipe Ingredients for Fried blood sausage on creamed sauerkraut

750 g Sauerkraut
30 grams Butter
1 pc Onion
100 ml White wine
1 pc Apple
2 pcs Bay leaves / allspice
5 St Juniper berries
1 tbsp Sugar
250 ml Cream
1 pinch Salt
500 grams Potatoes
2 tbsp Butter
Salt, white pepper
1 tbsp Thyme leaves
400 grams Blood sausage
3 pc Onions
Wheat flour
1 pinch Paprika sweet

Fried blood sausage on creamed sauerkraut Recipe Directions

Onion, peeled and prepared apple into fine dice and sauté in clarified butter colorless. Add the cabbage and fill with fresh wine. Season, ten minutes to cook gently, then fill with the cream. As long simmer until the cream is almost cooked. The herb must now take some time.

For the potatoes, the tubers are boiled in salted water with dish (potatoes), peeled and cut into slices. In a large skillet until crispy. Recipe archive, for cooking ingredients: Main Dishes / Potatoes / recipes / roasted potatoes

To emphasize the onion taste and appearance, they are fried in a separate pan. For this they are sliced ​​and separated into rings. These are rolled in a mixture of flour and paprika and fried crisp.

Are also in a pan and fried crispy - must now cut only the black pudding into slices. Gently mix with the potatoes, sprinkle with plenty of fresh thyme.

Some sauerkraut on warm plates flat serve. Then a mixture of sausage and potatoes and is served topped with onion rings.

To this end fits sour pickled vegetables in vinegar or fresh salad. Also should be prepared mustard.


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