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French pork loin roast Lummerbraten pork roast Recipe

French pork loin roast Lummerbraten pork roast

Recipe Ingredients for French pork loin roast Lummerbraten pork roast

1 kg Pork loin roast
2 tsp Salt
2 tbsp Herbes de Provence
2 tsp French 5-spice
2 tbsp Butter
8 tbsp Good brandy
2 nos Garlic
1 pc Syringe, 20 ml, with a large needle (pharmacy)

French pork loin roast Lummerbraten pork roast Recipe Directions

The day before: Peel the garlic cloves and chop. Mix with the brandy and let rest in a lockable box.

The next day, the garlic into a fine sieve and catch the wind flavored brandy into the syringe. Make sure the air a bit (about 1 division) in the syringe. Now, the tracheostomy tube as in the flesh, push the air that is at the top and is pushed out of the first syringe. This is easiest if you work in pairs. One keeps the meat is high and the other injects an angle from below the liquid. Each inject only 2-3 ticks and then start up the syringe at a different location and distribute the brandy as evenly as possible into the roast. With each approach, raise again some air!

Then the meat in the butter all round good fry brown, rub with the 5-spice and herbs and place on a preheated plate.

Bake in oven at 75 ° C for 3 hours. After 2 hours the roast with salt and quickly slide back into the oven immediately.

Slice the roast into thin slices. (0.5 cm is good) p>


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