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Frankish herb roast out of the microwave Recipe

Frankish herb roast out of the microwave

Recipe Ingredients for Frankish herb roast out of the microwave

1 small White cabbage
125 ml Water
30 grams Lard
some Salt
some Cumin
1 pc Stale bread
125 ml Milk
1 pc Onion
10 g Lard
250 grams Ground beef
250 grams Pork sausage (meat)
1 tbsp Chopped parsley
1 pc Egg
some Salt and pepper
some Nutmeg
10 g Butter
6 Schb streaky bacon
3 tbsp Sour cream

Frankish herb roast out of the microwave Recipe Directions

White cabbage with water at 850 watts 5 min blanch. Carefully replace eight leaves and cut out the stalk approach. Soak the bread in milk. The rest of the cabbage finely chopped (a little over 2 / 3) and cook with lard, salt and cumin in a glass dish at 850 watts 13 min.

Stir once in between. Dice the onion and cook with the remaining lard in a second mold at 850 watts in 3 minutes as well. Cabbage strips, diced onion, bread, meat, sausage meat, parsley, egg and spices mix well together. An oblong glass dish with butter ausfetten. Line it with half the blanched cabbage leaves.

The meat filling on top and cover with remaining cabbage leaves. Top with bacon slices and spread with sour cream. The glass mold in the roasting pan and cook the roast with the herb combination grill level 1 (weak) and 600 watts in about 20 minutes.>


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