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Fish cakes

Fish cakes

Ingredients for Fish cakes

2 kg Pollock fillet
2 Pk Herring fillet
3 pc Eggs
One Bch Sour cream
150 grams Gouda cheese
3 pc Onions
1 pc Garlic
Salt, white pepper
2 bunches Dill
1 bunch Parsley
Bread flour
Oil for frying

Fish cakes Directions

Peel the onions and garlic, cut into viable wolf size. Rinse fillets, pat dry well.

Wash and chop the parsley and dill. Cheese into very small cubes.

Fish fillets, onion and mince garlic and mix thoroughly with the other ingredients. Sprinkle as much fine flour and mix to a firm, moldable mass. Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Those who taste the raw fish mass does not want to have a sample hamburger fry.

Meatballs and fry over medium heat with a little oil. Who has the opportunity to roast the fresh air, should seize this opportunity. From the frying smell in the apartment for several days you have something!

Fish cakes go well with potato salad and all fish which is served in general.


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