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Fish Pot quotNicequot

Fish Pot quotNicequot

Ingredients for Fish Pot quotNicequot

2nd yellow peppers 1st Fennel (each 400 g)
2nd Onions 2nd Garlic cloves
1st Chili pepper 2 tbsp
Oil 150 grams
Long grain rice 2 tbsp
Pastis (anise liquor) or Anistee 1 box
chopped tomatoes (each 400 g) something
Salt 300 ml
dry white wine (ersatzw vegetable stock)
300 ml Vegetable broth
600 grams firm fish fillets (cod)
1 bunch Parsley

Fish Pot quotNicequot Directions

Clean peppers into quarters, remove cores. Wash peppers and cut into strips. Wash the fennel, cut in half, cut out drink. Fennel into strips.

Remove onions and garlic, chop into small pieces or. Chilli seed, wash and finely chop. Fry in hot oil in a large pot with onions and garlic. Add the rice, sauté briefly. Deglaze with anisette. Tomatoes, peppers and fennel to the pan. Add salt, pour wine and broth. Stew and simmer 20 minutes.

Rinse fish, pat dry and cut into pieces. 8 minutes before end of cooking in the pot.

Chop parsley leaves, mix into the stew. Possibly. again with salt and garnish as desired with parsley and serve white bread.


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