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Finger food burgers

Finger food burgers

Ingredients for Finger food burgers

12 St Mini hamburger buns, either homemade or pre-order at the bakery (mini buns)
12 Bl Lollo Bionda lettuce or lettuce
12 St Quail eggs from the glass
6 Schb Smoked ham
24 St Prawns or shrimps, cooked
12 TL Double cream
some Sea salt
some Pepper, white ground
2 Prov Lime juice

Finger food burgers Directions

From double cream, stir salt, pepper and lemon juice paste.

Halve the buns and spread with half the cream.

Wash the lettuce leaves hurl, pluck and appropriately manage. One sheet to the bottom bun halves lay.

The salmon ham slices in half, to turn up little baggie and put the center on the lettuce leaves.

The eggs take from the glass, slightly pat dry and cut lengthwise from the Eimitte a slice. So the long sides of the eggs cut. The sections otherwise use, place the egg slices on the bun.

The crabs on it and blot the remaining cream on top. The bun lid and fasten with a evetuell picker.


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