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Fiery Roast Turkey Recipe

Fiery Roast Turkey

Recipe Ingredients for Fiery Roast Turkey

1 pc Turkey thigh
1 pc Chili pepper, red or purple
1 pc Chili pepper, green
1 tbsp Peppers, sweet
1 tsp Pepper, rose sharply
some Smoked Salt
some Pepper, white, broken
some Rouladengarn
1 tbsp Butter
L 1 Chicken stock (even cooked glass oad)
some Gravy
100 grams Creme fraiche

Fiery Roast Turkey Recipe Directions

Remove skin from the leg and cause the bone. Finely chop the chiles.

Sprinkle the meat with chiles and season with salt Paprika sweet and smoke. Then fold the meat into a roast and secure it with the Rouladengarn.

The roast in the butter around pan. In oven at 150 ° C roast for 70 minutes. The pass cut into chunks with a cleaver and the skin roughly chopped bones in a pot and fill with the Fund.

During the entire cooking time can simmer and skim off in between.

Then the roast in foil and allow to rest. Strain in the meantime, the stock and bring to a boil again. Add sour cream and let everything simmer further until the sauce begins to attract. Then sprinkle with smoked salt, pepper and pepper and thicken with possibly even tie. The meat free from the cord and cut into slices to serve the sauce.


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