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Esterhazyroast Recipe


Recipe Ingredients for Esterhazyroast

750 g Roast beef
some Fat
some Salt, pepper, paprika
2 bunches Greens
2 pcs Onions
1 tbsp Flour
250 ml Broth
1 tbsp Lemon juice
some Madeira
125 ml sour cream

Esterhazyroast Recipe Directions

Prepare meat, coat with hot fat and fry on the grill or under the grill and brown on all sides. In between fat spread again. The meat with salt, pepper and paprika to taste.

Greens and clean cut, chop onions. Both in the pan fry in hot fat, stir flour, then sprinkle about, well, pour broth, add the meat and cook with the vegetables.

Stir sauce through a sieve, season to taste with lemon juice refine, Madeira and cream, and pour in the sliced ​​meat.


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