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English Roast Recipe

English Roast

Recipe Ingredients for English Roast

1 kg Roast
150 grams Lard
some Salt
some Pepper
80 grams Butter
some Broth

English Roast Recipe Directions

The skinned meat with salt and pepper, and fry in hot fat on all sides about 10 minutes. The fried meat in a pan with the heated lard 60g lay to pour the cooking juices, sprinkle the surface of the meat with butter and bake in preheated oven the meat for another 20 min.

The meat should remain pink and juicy inside. During frying, pour over the meat several times with broth and smear it with melted But ¬ ter. Larger pieces of roast beef must be cooked a few minutes longer. Turn the meat during cooking and, if necessary, beigießen broth. Cooked, cut the meat with a sharp knife into thin slices and arrange on a warmed plate. Then degrease the cooking juices, beigießen broth, add salt, this sauce with butter, served with a sauce over the meat part of the seven, the rest separately.


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