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Endive with roasted Kalbsbriesrschen Recipe

Endive with roasted Kalbsbriesrschen

Recipe Ingredients for Endive with roasted Kalbsbriesrschen

500 grams Sweetbreads
some Salt
some Port wine
120 grams Endive
some Lemon juice
some Grape seed oil
1 pc 200 g waxy potatoes
200 ml Salt water
some Cumin
2 tbsp Finest bacon
some Wine vinegar
some Grape seed oil
some Mustard
some Sugar
some Pepper
some Truffle oil
50 cl Cream
1 tsp Diced shallots

Endive with roasted Kalbsbriesrschen Recipe Directions

Sweetbreads and poach water then 1 / 2 hours in salt water. Allow to cool (free of skin and tendons) and parry clean, pluck into florets, season with salt and pepper and fry in clarified butter until golden brown. Pour drippings with a little port wine and pour over the florets. Cut the lettuce into thin strips and wash with warm water. Marinate with salt, lemon juice and grapeseed oil.

Potato in salted water, cook crisp, drain and collect the cooking water, allow to cool, stir the vinegar and remaining ingredients in a vinaigrette. Potato cubes and fry with bacon resch give some diced shallots to the vinaigrette. Sweetbread on endive with the vinaigrette and drizzle over them.


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