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Curd sorbet fruit sauces

Curd sorbet fruit sauces

Ingredients for Curd sorbet fruit sauces

100 grams Bavarian quark
200 grams Bavarian cream cheese
1 pc Orange (juice it)
1 pc Lemon (juice it)
60 g Sugar
100 grams Strawberries
100 grams Blackberries
285 g Canned apricots
4 tbsp Sugar
50 g Bavarian plain yogurt
some Lemon balm

Curd sorbet fruit sauces Directions

Mix the curd with the juices, leaving the sugar sprinkle. Allow the mixture to freeze into the ice machine. Clean and wash the berries and pat dry. Separately, each with 2 tablespoons sugar and blend to happen.

The apricot fruit juice puree with some of the well. The yogurt until smooth. The fruit sauces in portions as large blobs transfer to plates. Garnish with the yoghurt.

Form with the ice cream scoop out balls of sorbet and serve on the mass sauces. Garnish with lemon balm leaves.


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