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Crisp Garden Salad Recipe

Crisp Garden Salad , Crisp Garden Salad ingredients , Crisp Garden Salad preparation,Crisp Garden Salad recipe

Crisp Garden Salad

Recipe Ingredients for Crisp Garden Salad

Crisp Garden Salad ingredients:

1 Btl Mix salad (endive, radicchio, frisée) á 250g
1st Tomato 1st small cucumber
1st red peppers 1st Onion
2nd hard-boiled eggs 4 Schb
cooked ham 4 Schb
Emmental One Bch
Fresh yoghurt dressing (each 150ml)

Crisp Garden Salad Recipe Directions

Crisp Garden Salad preparation:

Salad mix on two large serving plates. Tomato, cucumber and bell pepper and cut into pieces. Cut onion into rings, peel hard-boiled eggs and eighths. Ham and Emmental cheese cut into strips and serve with the remaining ingredients to the salad. Finally, fresh yogurt dressing over the salad.


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