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Colorful Rice Salad quotcurrychiliquot Recipe

Colorful Rice Salad quotcurrychiliquot

Recipe Ingredients for Colorful Rice Salad quotcurrychiliquot

100 grams cooked rice
50 g Corn from the can
50 g Mushrooms from the can
60 g red peppers
2 Schb cooked ham
60 g light salad cream 4
9% fat 25 g
Curry-chili ketchup something
Curry and chili powder

Colorful Rice Salad quotcurrychiliquot Recipe Directions

The bell pepper cut into small cubes.

Mushrooms, depending on size, slightly smaller cut.

Cut the ham into cubes.

Mushrooms, corn, rice, peppers and diced ham mix.

Ketchup and salad cream and stir.

The salad with curry and chili seasoning.


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