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Classic Onion Recipe

Classic Onion

Recipe Ingredients for Classic Onion

1 Pk Pizza base (= 400 g)
750 g Onions
100 grams streaky bacon
2 tbsp Cooking oil
150 grams Cream cheese
150 grams Crème fraiche
3 pc Eggs
3 / 4 tsp Salt
1 / 4 tsp colorful, coarse ground pepper
1 / 2 tsp Ground cumin
100 grams grated cheese

Classic Onion Recipe Directions

Electric Preheat oven to 220 degrees. Unroll the pizza dough, form a small rim, put the baking paper on a baking sheet, may support the edge with some aluminum foil.

Prepare vegetables. Remove onions, cut into rings and chop bacon. Fry bacon in heated oil, add onions, cook for about ten minutes and spread on the pizza dough.

Cream cheese, cream mix fraîche and eggs, season with salt, pepper and cumin, cheese, mix to give evenly over the onions and about 30 minutes (electric and gas oven: 220 degrees / step 5, convection 200 degrees) until golden brown.

Tip: Derr onion tastes delicious as well, if you are among the cream cheese mixture 1 / 2 bunch chopped parsley. Text and photo: Henglein p>


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