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Chicken with Beans Khanka de Pollo Recipe

Chicken with Beans Khanka de Pollo

Recipe Ingredients for Chicken with Beans Khanka de Pollo

1 pc Chicken (1200g)
1 bunch Parsley
200 grams Beans
4 pcs Potatoes
200 grams Onions
1 Prov Pepper, red
200 grams Green beans

Chicken with Beans Khanka de Pollo Recipe Directions

Beans to cook on the packaging. Puzten green beans and blanch them in whole.

Chicken in four pieces or buy like 4 chicken thighs. Wash meat and incubated with a whole bunch of parsley, salt and cook 20-25.

Peeled, quartered lengthwise give to potatoes chicken and simmer another 15 minutes. Then add the beans and let stand until everything is tender.

The onions are sliced ​​and cooked in water vapor to the original recipe. I sautéed them in butter glaze and found it more advantageous.

The chicken pieces are laid on soup plates, beans, onions and potatoes are served alongside. Finally, the soup also draw.

Garnish with sauteed peppers.


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