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Cauliflower Ham Casserole Recipe

Cauliflower Ham Casserole

Recipe Ingredients for Cauliflower Ham Casserole

1st Cauliflower about 1 kg
Salt 150 grams
cooked ham 125 grams
Processed cheese 2 corners 20 g
Butter 2 tbsp
Grated nutmeg
white pepper

Cauliflower Ham Casserole Recipe Directions

1st Clean and wash the cauliflower, and cut into small florets. Thereby remove the stalk. The florets in boiling salted water for 6-8 minutes bubbly Precooking. Then pour off the broth and absorb it. 1 / 2 can l measure it, and set aside to cool.

2nd Ham cubes and fill with the cauliflower florets in a baking dish. The cheese with a knife warmed in hot water, cut into smaller pieces.

3rd The butter to foam in a pot and sauté the flour while stirring. Gradually pour in while continuing to stir with a whisk the sauce and let simmer Blumenkohlsud gently until it is plump. Let the cheese melt while stirring it.

4th The sauce with nutmeg, pepper and salt to taste, pour over the casserole and those on the center rail of the 200 degree hot oven (gas mark 3) Bake about 40 minutes.


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