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Casserole with mushrooms and vegetables

Casserole with mushrooms and vegetables

Ingredients for Casserole with mushrooms and vegetables

2 pcs Fennel bulbs
250 grams Pink mushrooms
4 pcs Carrots
250 grams Broccoli
1 pc Kohlrabi
250 grams Potatoes
1 bunch Flat-leaf parsley
something Salt & Pepper from the mill
125 grams Gouda
1 / 4 liter Milk
125 grams Cream cheese
1 pc Garlic

Casserole with mushrooms and vegetables Directions

Clean and wash vegetables. Fennel, potatoes, turnips and mushrooms into slices, carrot - because of the longer cooking time - into thin sticks, broccoli florets in snipping. The vegetables are seasoned with pepper and salt, with the washed and chopped parsley mixed and poured into the baking dish.

Gouda (or Emmental) Grind and mix it with milk, cream cheese, pressed through the garlic, pepper and salt. This type liquid over the vegetables.

The form I give in the preheated oven to 175 degrees and leave them there, a three-quarter hour. Then each type of vegetable would have to be cooked but not cooked too soft. The surface is lightly browned.


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