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Casserole quotHubertusquot Recipe

Casserole quotHubertusquot

Recipe Ingredients for Casserole quotHubertusquot

400 grams Pork goulash
400 grams Mushrooms
6 Bl Gelatin
100 grams Cream
150 grams Gravy
2 pcs Onions
some Salt
1 / 2 level tsp Mushroom powder
1 pinch Sugar
1 zw Thyme
3 zw parsley
1 level tsp Peppers, sweet
some Fat
2 tbsp Oatmeal

Casserole quotHubertusquot Recipe Directions

The meat in cooking fat fry around.

In the meantime, cut the mushrooms and chop the onions finely flaky.

Then the mushrooms and onions to the meat and give mitsch tumors. Soak the gelatin in the meat juices.

Now pour in the cream and all the gravy.

All ingredients have to pass a boil on the thyme, parsley and rolled oats and.

Schmurgeln gently for 15 minutes. Thyme leaves from the stems. Finely chop the parsley. Stir in herbs. Then add the oatmeal, season and serve with noodles.


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