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Brown rice salad Recipe

Brown rice salad

Recipe Ingredients for Brown rice salad

300 grams Of rice
L 1 Vegetable broth
150 grams Celery (chopped fine)
150 grams Shrimp (boiled)
1 tbsp Parsley (chopped)
1 tbsp Dill (chopped)
1 tbsp Sunflower seeds (dry roasted)

Brown rice salad Recipe Directions

Preparation: Wash cold brown rice, bring to a boil in a pan with the broth, stir. Reduce heat, simmer about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally, then about 20 minutes covered sources on the plate can be turned off. Cool in a bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix including sunflower seeds.

Sauce: Mix vinegar and oil with a whisk, season to give the rice, mix well.

Tip: Serve rice on lettuce leaves.


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