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Blueberrymascarpone parfait Recipe

Blueberrymascarpone parfait

Recipe Ingredients for Blueberrymascarpone parfait

125th ml of milk 1st Vanilla pod
3rd Yolks 70th g sugar
20th g bittersweet chocolate bars 300th g blueberries (frozen)
250th g mascarpone 2nd Tsp chopped pistachios
Mint for garnish

Blueberrymascarpone parfait Recipe Directions

Milk in a saucepan. Vanilla pod and scrape out the marrow. Vanilla bean and bring to a boil to give marketing milk. Mix egg yolk with sugar in a bowl. In hot water with a whisk until foamy. Milk Sieve and put the egg yolk mixture while stirring. As long as continue to stir until mixture is slightly pudgy. Cream to cool slightly.

Chocolates break into pieces. 250 g blueberry puree. Mascarpone cheese until creamy, stir in the egg yolk tablespoonful cream. Blueberry puree, the rest of blueberries (to garnish some decrease) and the chocolate. Pour the mixture into a rectangular shape or a bowl and freeze 3-4 hours.

Loosen edge of the parfaits with a knife and plunge the parfait. Parfait into pieces and serve garnished with the remaining blueberries, the pistachios and mint leaves.


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