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Blackberry jam with lemon balm

Blackberry jam with lemon balm

Ingredients for Blackberry jam with lemon balm

1 kg Blackberries
1 pc Lemon (juice it)
250 grams Sugar
1 Pk (25g) gelling for kalorienreduz
Jams 1 small
(Federal) lemon balm

Blackberry jam with lemon balm Directions

Blackberries washed carefully and well draining. A quarter of the fruit mash coarsely and blend the rest in the blender. The fruit puree through a strainer or sieve into a saucepan.

Add the coarsely mashed berries and lemon juice. The gelling agent with the sugar mix and stir. The fruit mixes with constant stirring to a boil. Cook 1 minute stirring constantly be bubbly. Remove from the heat.

Wash lemon balm. Leaves from the stems and chop finely. Mix with the marmalade. Immediately fill to the brim into clean jars. Sealed with screw caps (twist-off cap). Invert the jars and let stand at least 5 minutes on the lid.


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