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Bavarian cream with wild berries Recipe

Bavarian cream with wild berries

Recipe Ingredients for Bavarian cream with wild berries

2nd Vanilla pod 500 ml
Milk 6 Bl
white gelatin 4th Eggs (size M)
80 grams Sugar
200 grams Whipped cream
400 grams Berries (fresh or frozen)
some Icing sugar to sweeten
some freely kirsch
some some candied flowers as desired
some For the decoration (eg violets from the Confectionery or delicatessen)

Bavarian cream with wild berries Recipe Directions

The day before: vanilla beans in half lengthwise, scrape out the pulp with the back of the knife. Pass-mark in vanilla and the milk, slowly bring to a boil and brew for 15 minutes.

Soak gelatin in cold water according to package specification. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar, beat in a metal bowl over the hot water bath creamy. Remove vanilla bean, pour hot milk to egg yolk mixture and beat until foamy thick over the hot water bath. Squeeze out the gelatine and stir in the ground until it has dissolved.

Cream to cool under stirring several times, then to solidify in the refrigerator.

Once the cream begins to gel (after 1-2 hours), fold in cream until stiff. Cream in a large bowl or 6 small bowls to fill, cover and refrigerate.

Meanwhile picked berries or thawed, can heat it with 3-4 tablespoons water briefly. Berries through a sieve, season to taste with icing sugar and kirsch and possibly provide covered cold.

Garnish as desired cream with candied flowers: for serving. Serve with fruit sauce separately.

Per serving: 305 kcal/1280 kJ 22 g carbohydrate, 6 g protein, 20 g fat p>


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