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Banana with mango sauce Recipe

Banana with mango sauce

Recipe Ingredients for Banana with mango sauce

6th Bananas 1st Lemon juice
150 grams Flour
100 grams Geh almonds
50 g Roasted hazelnuts
3 pc Eggs
2 tbsp Butter
50 g Toasted coconut flakes
2nd Mangoes 1 box
Peach halves (850 ml) 50 g
Sugar 50 ml
Mango liqueur

Banana with mango sauce Recipe Directions

1 banana peel, halve lengthwise, sprinkle with lemon juice and flour. Almonds, walnuts and coconut flakes mixed. Bananas first pass through the beaten egg, then roll in nut mixture. Heat the butter and fry the bananas they are golden yellow.

Peel 2 mangoes, cut flesh from the stone. Drain the peaches, cut small, with mango and sugar cook about 8 minutes. Puree and liqueur to round off. Serve the sauce with banana, lychees and maybe garnish with mango slices.


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