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Banana Nuggets with blueberry compote Recipe

Banana Nuggets with blueberry compote

Recipe Ingredients for Banana Nuggets with blueberry compote

For the blueberry compote
6th Tablespoons raspberry syrup 300th g-blue berries
1 Pk Vanilla
2nd Tsp cornflour
Nuggets for the bananas 4th resistant bananas
a little flour
1st Egg 50th g desiccated coconut
Oil for deep frying

Banana Nuggets with blueberry compote Recipe Directions

Raspberry syrup and wild blueberries in a saucepan and cook, stirring. Stir in vanilla. Mix the starch with a little cold water and stir in the blueberries. Cook stirring for 1 minute. Allow to cool.

Peel bananas and cut them into pieces. Wafer-thin dust with flour. Whisk egg in a shallow dish and turn the banana pieces in it. Finally, turn in the grated coconut.

Oil at 160-170 degrees (preferably in a deep fryer), heat and fry the banana pieces round light brown. Drain on paper towels. Arrange with the blueberry compote.


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