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Baked pasta with smoked meat

Baked pasta with smoked meat

Ingredients for Baked pasta with smoked meat

400 grams Noodles, spirals or spots
100 ml Milk
5 St Eggs
300 grams Smoked pork or ham
4th Drops of oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Baked pasta with smoked meat Directions

Cook the pasta in salted water with 4 drops of oil to cook, drain, put off briefly with cold water and drain. Smoked meat into 1.5 cm cubes. The tube preheat to 220 degrees.

The noodles with the meat and pour into a pan. 15 minutes put into the tube. The milk and eggs and mix well, add salt and pepper and pour over the noodles. Shift down to 180 degrees and bake about another 15 minutes.


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