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Baked tomatoes Recipe

Baked tomatoes

Recipe Ingredients for Baked tomatoes

3 pc Tomatoes
1 pc small onion
1 pc small chili pepper
50 g Goat cheese
some Balsamic cream
1 pc Ciabatta

Baked tomatoes Recipe Directions

Halve tomatoes, onions, cut into strips. Oiled baking dish, onion and chili pepper give it.

Tomatoes with the cut set in the shape and pepper and cover with the slices of goat cheese.

At 200 ° C for 10-15 minutes in oven. Ciabatta rolls for the last 2 min bake.

Distribute the balsamic cream, a little salt if desired and arugula or basil to the tomatoes. Serve with ciabatta.


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