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Baked Artichoke

Baked Artichoke

Ingredients for Baked Artichoke

2 large Artichokes
1 small Onion
One Bch Crème fraiche
200 grams small shrimp or crawfish meat
something Breadcrumbs
something Butter
something Lemon juice
something Dill, salt, white wine
100 grams grated Parmesan or pecorino

Baked Artichoke Directions

Artichokes, halve, free from hay, leaves, trim and cut off the stalk. The cut surfaces with lemon juice immediately otherwise it will be ugly gray coat. Then bring to boil water and pass into the artichokes. Remove after 1 minute and discard the water. Reheat the water, giving into artichokes, about 20 minutes to cook at all.

Now prepare the filling. Therefore chop the onion and butter in a pan with a little glaze can be. The shrimp, if needed evisceration and add to the onions. Add the breadcrumbs and also golden brown. The pan contents into a bowl and mix with crème fraîche and season with salt and dill. Then stir in the cheese.

Then place the artichoke halves in a baking dish and fill generously with the mixture. Drizzle with a little white wine. At 200 degrees 20 minutes in the oven until golden brown.


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