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Bagel party appetizers Recipe

Bagel party appetizers

Recipe Ingredients for Bagel party appetizers

1 pc Sesame bagel
1 Schb Turkey breast
3 Schb Mini Salami
1 Schb Gouda cheese
some Butter
5 St green olives with red pepper paste
3 pc dried tomatoes without oil
10 pc Toothpick

Bagel party appetizers Recipe Directions

The bagel slice and coat with the butter. Then place the turkey breast.

The salami in half and spread on the turkey breast.

Cut the cheese into 4 slices and arrange them on the salami.

The bagel halves together again and again.

Cut the tomatoes into 10 pieces, halve the olives.

First half of a bagel with 5 pieces of olives and to provide five pieces of tomato. These are stuck with one toothpick, cut it into five pieces.

The other bagel half with five pieces of tomato and to provide five half olives. These also are stuck with toothpicks and cut into five pieces.

The bagel bites cause alternately on a plate.


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