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Arugula and smoked salmon roll Recipe

Arugula and smoked salmon roll

Recipe Ingredients for Arugula and smoked salmon roll

1 Pk Smoked salmon (200 g)
1 bunch Arugula
80 grams Wholemeal flour
1 pc Egg
50 ml Milk
some Water
1 pinch Salt
100 grams Horseradish cream cheese

Arugula and smoked salmon roll Recipe Directions

Manufacture of flour, egg, milk, salt water and a thin pancake batter and bake in a large frying pancakes 4.

This place, after cooling to a piece of aluminum foil, creating a quadrangle. The pancakes in the center overlap.

Horseradish cream cheese on thin cross out the pancakes and the thick rocket distribute it.

Now put the salmon on arugula, preferably in a row.

Finally, all wrapped into a roll in aluminum foil and allow to strike overnight in the refrigerator. Then cut into slices and serve cold.


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