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Almond curd fritters Recipe

Almond curd fritters

Recipe Ingredients for Almond curd fritters

250 grams Quark
100 grams Flour
50 g Grated almonds
30 grams Fresh yeast
4th Egg yolk 100 grams
Butter 50 g
Sugar 1st Lemon
1 pinch Salt
100 grams Breadcrumbs
50 g Currants
Fat for deep frying
- Eg butter
Powdered sugar

Almond curd fritters Recipe Directions

Well drained to process through a sieve coated cottage cheese, flour, ground almonds, yeast, egg yolks, butter, sugar, grated lemon rind, sea salt, bread crumbs and currants into dough. 1 hour in a warm place (covered with a tea towel), then size of walnuts gnocchi shape it. Fry in butter floating. Serve sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar.


Almond Curd
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