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Algae Fischmus role

Algae Fischmus role

Ingredients for Algae Fischmus role

125 grams Turbot fillet
125 grams Salmon fillet
2 tbsp Orange juice
Freshly ground pepper
3rd Yolk 125 ml
Whipped cream
Lemon juice 2 Bl
Nori seaweed from the Asialaden
Soy sauce
Lemon mayonnaise
Lettuce leaves

Algae Fischmus role Directions

Clean fish fillet cubes, flavored with orange juice, salt and pepper to marinate in the refrigerator and place. Some die on the deposit set aside. Fish puree cubes, then underscore through a fine sieve. Egg yolk and cream and beat to make with Tabasco, salt, lemon flavor, cold.

Seaweed on the long side down, slightly overlapping side by side, brush with a little soy sauce, can move slightly, then spread the farce. Remaining fish cubes evenly distributed to all roll up, wrap in plastic wrap and twist the ends. In addition, roll in aluminum foil and lightly simmering in boiling water for 20 minutes. After poaching let cool, then just unwrap and slice.

Season to taste with soy mayonnaise and the discs on plates. Garnish with lettuce.

Tip: The role can be with the help of a kitchen towel roll up easily.


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