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After Eight cream cream Recipe

After Eight cream cream

Recipe Ingredients for After Eight cream cream

400 ml Cream
300 grams Minzpl├Ątzchen eg: After Eight
400 grams Cream cheese
1 Pk Sahnesteif
1 pc Sprig of mint
16 Bl Mint
1 tbsp Zartbitterschokoraspel

After Eight cream cream Recipe Directions

Pour cream into a small saucepan and heat slightly, and After Eight 200 g Minzpl├Ątzchen tablets while stirring with a whisk to melt into the cream. Allow to cool

Cream cheese in a bowl and stir until smooth with a whisk. Cream mixture until stiff. It can gradually sprinkle in the cream stabilizer.

Fold into cream mixture to the cream cheese. Cream dessert bowls or glasses and garnish with After Eight distribute tablets, sprig of mint and mint. Then carefully spread over it the dark rasbeln.

Let cool on the night in the fridge.


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