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Advent Weckmnnchen

Advent Weckmnnchen

Ingredients for Advent Weckmnnchen

500 grams Flour
2 Pk Dry yeast
150 ml Water
150 ml Milk
10 g Salt
some Raisins
some Poppy
1 / 4 tsp Sugar

Advent Weckmnnchen Directions

Mix flour and yeast. Salt, milk, sugar and water until the liquid is heated to 30 ° C. Amount of flour and liquid in a food processor to knead a smooth dough. Let rest 30 minutes. Knead dough briefly. Then the dough as desired to one or more Weckmännchen process and select the dough accordingly.

The roll out dough into a long strand. At the upper end of push up some of the lower dough and thus make the head a bit more volume.

From the lower third of the right and left of the dough and cut two strips this form to arms. A long left and press it against your body shape to others about something (such as when the arm is pressed into the hip) Among the dough strand into two halves and shape so the legs.

The legs, sprinkle with some of the poppy. The three face hint of raisins. With the upper body also suggest three raisins. One can also tell a bit poppy in the face a beard suggest.

This Weckmännchen be with us as a breakfast bread served in the Advent season.


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