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cake apples, pears, apricots (tort de mere, pere, caise)

Execution time and complexity: approx. 90 (medium complexity)

cake apples, pears, apricots Ingredients

Ingredients: 1.5 kg apples / pears / apricots 1 tablespoon butter / margarine 6 eggs 6 tablespoons sugar 6 tablespoons flour 6 tablespoons water 100g cream

cake apples, pears, apricots Preparation

Cooking: 1. In a round tray that butter Place apples / pears peeled and seeds (can be whole or cut in half) or apricots with all but pitted with shell. If the fruit is hot and not too juicy to put in a little butter hollow stoning. 2. The 6 yolks mixed with sugar until sugar melts, then add the 6 tablespoons of flour and water. Stir until omogenizeza. Whites are fighting foam separate stand mixer until the foam stuck to the bowl and beat (when you turn the dish upside down, the foam must stay on the bottom without falling) Finally add the whipped egg whites over the composition previously done, little by little and mix easily with a spoon. (If you hurry to mix the dough will fall when you remove from the oven) When everything is ready, add the dough over the apples got what you've put in the tray. Give the pan in the oven, over medium heat and allow cake to baking for about 45 minutes. To make sure the dough is well cooked, insert a toothpick in the dough timber. If the toothpick remains clean, without batter on it, the cake is ready. Remove pan from oven, place a plate over pan and invert cake on platter. Allow it to cool very, very well then you can decorate with whipped cream or whatever you want or the house.


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