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tomato salad with garlic (salata de rosii cu usturoi)

Complexity and execution time: 20 min (low complexity)

tomato salad with garlic Ingredients

Ingredients: 10 servings 1 kg. Tomato oil salt pepper a lemon / salt lemon garlic parsley a Capatina

tomato salad with garlic Preparation

Cooking: Tomatoes cut circles, place a layer in a deep Salatiera garlic very finely and then cut and drizzled over the layer of tomatoes, chopped parsley and cut the tomatoes drizzled over the layer of salt is added lemon or lemon juice , pepper and salt to taste. And repeat the same layers of red bunting with garlic, lemon, parsley, salt and pepper after oil is poured over the entire surface (oil as desired). Then put in refrigerator for 10 / 15 min. Enjoy your meal. . . . . . .


Salad On Afghan Art Salata
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