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Oltenian cheese dumplings (papanasi oltenesti)

Complexity and execution time: 30 minutes (low complexity)

Oltenian cheese dumplings Ingredients

Ingredients: 2 eggs 4 tablespoons flour 8 tablespoons semolina 400 g cream cheese 50 g 50 g yogurt sweet blackberry / blueberry salt 500 ml oil (if cheese is not salty at all)

Oltenian cheese dumplings Preparation

Cooking: by hand, then shatter cheese and mix with eggs, semolina and flour. If you can make "dumplings" in the dough, you can proceed to the next stage, if cheese is too juicy, add flour until the dough has the consistency required. Place in hot oil. When perfect hot, put in the pan "dumplings" two sizes, 6 large and 6 small. Fry over medium heat until browned. Put a saucer on the first big sepune yogurt over it, then the low, "wrap" Garnish with sour cream and jam


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