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Bean soup with Stevie (bors de fasole cu stevie)

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Bean soup with Stevie Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 / 2 kg beans 3 2 onions 1 carrot leg Stevie 2 potatoes 1 green pepper lovage soup salt and pepper

Bean soup with Stevie Preparation

Cooking: Boil the beans, covered, after being left to soak over night. -Separate the oil calesc carrot, onion and pepper (chopped), diced potatoes and cut stevia fidelity. -Add a cup of bean soup and simmer vegetables. -When and beans and vegetables are cooked, stir, add Borsa (iron separately with onion), fits the taste of salt / pepper, add finely chopped lovage. Themselves and give one boil. . . soup is ready!


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