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Wildjus Recipe

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Recipe Ingredients for Wildjus

Wildjus ingredients:

3 kg Wild bones
500 grams Calf bone
4 tbsp Oil
2 large Onions
2nd Carrots 1 / 2 tbsp
Sugar 5 l
Herb 150 grams
Leek 2nd Celery
1 small Sprig of thyme
6th Parsley sprigs 10th Juniper berries
15th Peppercorns
crushed 5th Garlic cloves

Wildjus Recipe Directions

Wildjus preparation:

The bones to cool, place in a suitable pot and fill with cold water. Water to a boil and reduce heat. The juice should not boil, otherwise it is cloudy. Skim off the foam that forms on the surface.

Leek and celery, wash and tie with the herbs and parsley stalks together. Give the spices and garlic 1 hour before passing into the pot. The jus happen and chill. Alternatively, fill jars in boiling hot, then the juice in the refrigerator for about 4 weeks is tough.


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