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Vegetarian almond sauce Recipe

Vegetarian almond sauce , Vegetarian almond sauce ingredients , Vegetarian almond sauce preparation,Vegetarian almond sauce recipe

Recipe Ingredients for Vegetarian almond sauce

Vegetarian almond sauce ingredients:

40 g Almonds
1 pc Garlic
some Cayenne pepper n
flavor 1 tsp
Salt 2 small
Tomatoes 3 tbsp
Wine vinegar 200 ml
Olive oil

Vegetarian almond sauce Recipe Directions

Vegetarian almond sauce preparation:

The almonds on a baking sheet and on the middle rack of the oven in about 7-10 minutes at 200 degrees golden brown toast.

The roasted almonds with garlic, cayenne pepper, the tomato puree and vinegar in blender.

Gradually, while stirring, gradually add the teaspoon of olive oil, stir it every time until it has fully connected with the almond paste, before adding more oil. If half of the oil is incorporated, the rest is in a thin stream while constantly beating with a whisk given to the sauce until it is thick and creamy.


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