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Sweet red cabbage and smoked ham many (Varza dulce cu rosii multe si ciolan afumat)

Execution time and complexity (low complexity)

Sweet red cabbage and smoked ham many Ingredients

Ingredients: - a medium cabbage (1kg) - 5 medium ripe tomatoes - 3 large onions - 1 teaspoon vegetable, salt, pepper - 1 teaspoon thyme - 1 piece smoked ham (1 kg) - a link dill green

Sweet red cabbage and smoked ham many Preparation

Cooking: Cut the onion Julien, fry in hot pan until is golden. Then add vegetation, salt, pepper, thyme, all to taste. Add the cabbage and chopped and rubbed with salt and drained before the water that leaves it little by little until they soften and cook on medium heat. Finally add the smoked and fried Ciolanu previously with roosiile cut slices. They put on top, where he joins and chopped dill. Then put in oven 45 ". The taste and salt if fit is necessary. Serve hot with polenta


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