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Tuna Sauce Recipe

Tuna Sauce , Tuna Sauce ingredients , Tuna Sauce preparation,Tuna Sauce recipe

Recipe Ingredients for Tuna Sauce

Tuna Sauce ingredients:

1 box Tuna
2 nos Garlic
1 small Onion
1 tbsp Olive oil
200 grams Whipped cream
2 pcs Tomatoes
1 tbsp Capers
some Salt and pepper

Tuna Sauce Recipe Directions

Tuna Sauce preparation:

Drain the tuna. Peel the garlic and onion, chop finely and both in the not too hot oil until translucent.

Bring to a boil, pour in the cream and leave. Cut the tomatoes in boiling water blanch, peel and remove seeds and then cut into cubes.

Finely dissect the tuna and drain the capers can be. Pour everything into the cream and heat. The sauce with salt and plenty of spicy pepper.


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