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Tort diplomat (a great birthday or party) (Tort diplomat(excelent la o aniversare sau petrecere))

Complexity and execution time: 1 hour (high complexity)

Tort diplomat (a great birthday or party) Ingredients

Ingredients: 600g milk 400g sugar, 3 large envelopes (5 small) Dr Qctker gelatin, 8 eggs, 3linguri flour (heaped), whipped cream for garnish (2 boxes Hulala), fruit-pineapple (2 boxes), banana and kiwi, raisins, biscuits

Tort diplomat (a great birthday or party) Preparation

Cooking: Mix the egg yolks 200g sugar, flour and 200ml milk. Remaining milk (400ml) boil and then mix with the above composition over low heat until cream is a little thick. Add the gelatin (which previously was allowed to tear in half cup water, then boiled in water bath least make it into a syrup). Boil a little longer with gelatin and so cold. 200g egg whites with sugar are fighting to obtain a foam, and mix with cooled composition. The wet form of water and put a layer of cellophane is put cut fruit slices, a layer of composition, biscuits and fruit and a line, composition, biscuits. Allow to cool until the day after overturning on a platter and Garnish with whipped cream. Enjoy your meal!


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