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Cake biscuits with pineapple (Tort de piscoturi cu ananas)

Complexity and execution time: 30 min (medium complexity)

Cake biscuits with pineapple Ingredients

Ingredients: 1 packet of biscuits (the Italian is best) 1 small canned pineapple sauce (any kind: diced or sliced) 1 small box of whipped cream (be in the sugar already, "GIA Zuccheri" ), 1 small jar (lowest) to Finetti or any other kind of chocolate liquid. Note: instead of biscuits cake top can be used in trade (already cut into three layers), but not so good and biscuits.

Cake biscuits with pineapple Preparation

Cooking: Pour all contents into blender pineapple compote and passes until it becomes a paste. Beat with mixer whipped cream (but can equally well with a whisk) until it becomes consistent. Put on a flat plate (preferably without borders in order to decorate nicely) a layer of biscuits (approx 10 pcs). With a soup spoon to distribute a layer of pineapple compote (previously passed in blender). It will be quickly absorbed by the wafers. Above this layer lies a layer of cream knife. Put a layer of biscuits again. The operation is repeated three times (in the end will be three layers of biscuits). The last layer of biscuits only put pineapple paste sauce. Instead put a layer of fear Finetti layer (carefully because biscuits are already soaked, eventually inalzeste a little chocolate on a steam bath). Finally Garnish with whipped cream cone or a syringe using a dedicated purpose. On the surface of chocolate can write various dedications, or decorate after each fantasy. Is it better to be a little cool in the refrigerator before being served


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